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"Choosing the Right Gear: How Propadz stands up against traditional Body and Shoulder Pads"

In the physically demanding sport of rugby, the right protective gear is not just a necessity, it's a game-changer. With a plethora of options available, choosing the best body and shoulder pads can be overwhelming. This guide will compare traditional foam pad full jersey undershirts with the innovative ProPadz, highlighting the benefits and advancements in modern rugby gear.


Traditionally, rugby players rely on strapping or a Foam Pad full jersey undershirts or strapping to protect their shoulders and upper torso.

With Strapping, players tape gel pads to their shoulders prior to each training session and before each game, a time-consuming process that used time, tape and harmful adhesive spray.  These pads were prone to coming off after sweating.

Foam Pad undershirts offer a uniform layer of protection across key areas. However, they come with certain limitations:

  • Weight and Breathability: Often, these jerseys can be heavy and lack sufficient breathability, leading to overheating during intense play.

  • One-Size-Fits-All Protection: The foam pads are fixed, offering a generalized rather than targeted protection, which may not suit every player's needs.

  • Movement and Comfort: These jerseys can sometimes restrict movement and may not conform perfectly to every player's body shape or they are loose fitting so pads don’t stay where you need them.

Traditional foam padding has not been favored by professionals as protection.

Enter ProPadz: The Modern Solution:

Propadz has revolutionized rugby protective gear with its unique design and features:


Lightweight and Breathable Half Vest: Designed to prevent overheating, Propadz offers a breathable solution that keeps players cool and comfortable.

Modular Panels for Customized Protection: The innovative design allows players to place gel pads exactly where they need them, ensuring targeted protection.

No More Strapping: Propadz eliminates the need for traditional strapping, saving time and increasing convenience.

Elasticated Band and Secure Flaps: These features ensure minimal movement of the vest, panels, or pads during gameplay, providing a comfortable and secure fit.

Easy Assembly: The design of Propadz is user-friendly, making it easy and convenient to assemble before a game.

10mm Thickness Gel Pad Inserts: Unlike foam pads, the gel pads in ProPadz are designed to release body heat during use. This results in lower effective body heat, improving performance and extending usability.

Gel Pads Advantage: Gel pads offer several advantages over foam pads. They conform better to the body, provide superior shock absorption, and their heat-release properties enhance player comfort and performance.

Why Choose ProPadz Over Traditional Foam Pads:


Enhanced Comfort and Fit: ProPadz's design ensures a more comfortable and snug fit, adapting to individual body shapes and movement.

Targeted Protection: The ability to place pads where needed means players receive protection that's tailored to their specific role and style of play.

Improved Performance: The lightweight, breathable design and heat-release properties of the gel pads mean players can perform at their best without the burden of overheating or cumbersome gear.

Convenience: The ease of assembly and the elimination of strapping make ProPadz a practical choice for players at all levels.

Over 300 professionals are now using Propadz, click here to find out what many of them have to say..


In the fast-evolving world of rugby, the gear you choose can significantly impact your performance and safety on the field. ProPadz offers a modern, sophisticated solution that addresses the limitations of traditional foam pad jerseys. By choosing ProPadz, players can enjoy enhanced protection, comfort, and performance, allowing them to focus on what they do best - playing the game they love.

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