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About Propadz 

Players in Shoulder Pad Protection


Propadz is a brand new proprietary padded rugby shirt vest design, developed by former Professional Rugby player Sean O'Brien.


Propadz offers a unique modular panel system that allows players to easily place gel pads where needed, replacing the need for daily strapping.


Propadz  delivers  convenience and comfort for  players, prevents overheating, and can facilitate hot/cold compression therapy options for injuries and rehabilitation.  

It features a GPS tracker panel with our secure flap design to combine padding and required gameday technology freedoms. The shape of the vest sits comfortably and under any training top.

Tested to be machine washed under 40 degrees. 

GPS Tracker not included.

How It Works

Propadz benefits
Propadz benefits
Propadz Features and Benefits
Why Propadz shoulder protection
Propadz features and benefits
Propadz benefits
Propadz features

Elastane based 4-way stretch Vest - lightweight and breathable material to avoid excessive over-heating during game/training session.

Protective Panel slots – 7 targeted zones – modular so user can apply only as required.

Panel secure enclosures – Loop based

Silicone Non-slip Elastic Gripper Band for fit/comfort - secures the vest to the body

Gel based pads of 10mm thickness  -  disperses the impact force more effectively than foam based products

Sensor ready panels and pads

GPS tracker panel

Propadz art

What The Players Are Saying

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Benefits To Players

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Player Can Apply Pads Where Required

  • Easy and convenient to assemble – a fraction of the time of strapping pads or using other padding devices.

  • Acromioclavical, Clavical, Sterno-Clavical & Sternum targeted panels.

  • Covers only the areas required to avoid overheating.

BENEFIT ELASTICATED_edited_edited.jpg



Secures Vest to Body

  • Ensures minimal movement of the vest, panels or pads during usage.

  • Comfortable fit.

panel fasteners_edited_edited_edited.jpg



Secures Pads in the Panels

  • Ensures minimal movement of the panels or pads during usage.

  • Easy and convenient to assemble.

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Unique Pad design enables body heat release during use.

  • Lowers effective body heat during usage to improve performance.

  • 10 mm gel pads in compliance with World Rugby regulations 12-23

hot and cold pads_edited_edited.jpg


Player can treat soft tissue injuries with dual purpose vest

  • Easy and convenient to replace pads with hot/cold pads – a fraction of the time of strapping.

  • Facilitates compression with hot/cold therapies to optimise rehabilitation. 

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Player can wash vest as required.

  • Machine wash cold (<40%) with similar colors.

  • DO NOT Tumble Dry

  • DO NOT Iron  

  • Easy and convenient to maintain



It's Time To Breathe
Easy & Play Safe

PROPADZ - A revolutionary design for shoulder pads. Making professional padding standards possible for all athletes.

Customer Reviews

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